Werewolf Survival - Past

Held in Melbourne, FL
Hosted by Werewolf: Survival

  • Where: Wickam Park (Email the ST staff personally for directions. We may be meeting at the Wizards Wall before game)
  • * When: May 16th, 2009

Game begins at 11am and lasts until 11pm, taking time off for lunches, etc.

Plot Teaser:

May 2008

Four Prophecys where given to the sept of twilights vengence (then
sept of howling wind) 3 of the prophecys did not come to pass.
However, one has held true on all its predictions but one!!!

The Prophecy was this

The battles done and you kind of won so sound the victory cheer.

- The battle against violent messiah and the tremere was won but you
only kind of won with the lose of Remebers the forgotten a now
powerful ally of the wyrm.

Wendigo is too weak and he needs to be replace by a new spirit.

- Wendigo was too weak and when he was told he was going to be replace
too the fire in his heart and the heat of florida's sun taking that
energy (and the energy of a few garou and kinfolk who gave him
strength and became Katanka-Sonnak. He was then replaced by Buzzard
one of falcons brood and since then he has been cage up under the
watchful eye of helios.

The sept is restructured. New spirits come and need guidance and new
structures are built.

- The sept is renamed Sept of Twilights vengence and with its new
names former structures are taken down and new spirits come and some
leave in there steed.

Caern falls and panic floods the sept. A call to arms is sounded.

- The sept of Brother's Compromise falls not too the wyrm but to
mages who have slowly manpulated the reality around the caern till it
had to be replaced. Near the same time panic floods the sept of
twlights vengence when remebers the forgotten reviles his true nature
and kills a garou and scalpes a kinfolk on the bawn. Thus calling a
call to arms.

Explosions take out the chicken hut, the night owl, meg o malleys and
many other known garou hang outs.

- Chicken hut was hit with a explosion of bad press because of there
serving of fried rat.
- Meg O Malleys not only caught on fire and now is exploding in
business one of the most active resturants in bervard
- Night Owl has yet to have some sort of explosion that has been seen or has it?
- Other garou hang outs have also had explosion from Giant Tomato's
growing to house fires.

The Thunderwyrms cause a veil breach that is not easily fixed

- A Thunderwyrm at the bottem of the ocean near a large toxic waste
spill. Would not be easily fixed if you didnt take a large cruise ship
and land it on top of the thunderwyrms body.

One Eye in acts his plan It gathers a army and starts its march

- One Eye has had is own little army as of late leading them in a
underground war.

In 365 days the Phoenix comes and the pack of silver must be made.

- All thats left is the Phoenix and on MAY 16TH the PHOENIX COMES!!!!



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