TM Reporting Requirements

The TM Reports must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

General Information

  • TM Position
  • Your Name
  • How many PC characters are currently active in your tribe?
  • Summarize the use of any Tribal characters listed in the books, Canon locations, or loaned-out TMNPCs.
  • Summarize the use of any Canon realms, or Tribal Homelands.
  • Summarize ongoing Tribal plots as well as plots completed since last report. Include Tribal Rites when appropriate.
  • Have you been involved in any Chronicle plot? With which games? Resolved or Ongoing?
  • List any characters who you have approved to join a camp since last report. Include which camp.
  • Detail any changes to Tribal leadership positions (including camp leaders) since last report. Include whether PC or NPC.
  • Detail any chances to Tribal function or structure (including tribal positions or camps created or made defunct, gifts or rites created, etc.).
  • Provide a link to most recent version of the tribe packet. When was it last updated?

Optional Information

  • Are there any specific Chronicles you have had inadequate communication with?
  • Are there any specific Chronicles you have had excellent communication with?
  • Anything else we should know?
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