Application for Tribal Moderators

The following is the application for Tribal Moderator (TM) for any tribe in TGN. Beginning November 24th, the departing EXO will work with the newly elected EXO to accept and compile applications for TMs, posting them to the Website and OOC list on December 1st for a one week discussion period. Voting begins December 8th and ends December 15th, with the new TM's taking office December 16th. There will be a two week transition period, during which time the departing TM's will work with the newly elected TM's to ensure a smooth transition between staffs by Jan 1st.

This application is also available here as an rtf and as a pdf, and also on the National TGN OOC Yahoogroups listserve, in the files section.


for The Garou Nation (TGN) Organization

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Phone Number:

Home Chronicle of your Primary PC:

List the current characters you play (full titles) and what games are they based out of:

Any Chronicle Positions Held (ST, Player Rep, etc.):

TM Position Sought:

1) Briefly list any Previous ST Staff experience in any LARP or Tabletop setting. Also include any general Gaming experience or Administrative experience you possess that you feel would be relevent?

2) How long have you been playing in TGN, and give a brief assessment of your knowledge about our current shared universe?

3) Share any past experience or knowledge you have about the tribe you are applying for (this may include any past PC's you played, interactions, friends' who are involved in the tribe, TM or ST experience, etc.), along with a sense of your overall knowledge of the tribe:

4) Explain why you wish to be TM for this tribe:

5) Describe your view of the current state of the tribe you are applying to moderate, including any important events, politics, characters, plots or genre issues that you feel are shaping the tribe's current affairs, and how you might help make that role play happen during your term:

6) Share any types of tribal plots or interactions you would like to help develop and run for your tribe during your term (extremely detailed plot outlines are NOT what is being asked for - Simple summaries or subject matters will suffice):

7) How will you keep track of NPC's, events and stories you run as TM, and how will you pass that information along to the next TM after your term is over?

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