ST Reporting Requirements

Please Note: Everything on this page is for STs to fill out. TMs have a separate report. The section labeled TM-Relevant information is information relevant TO the TMs - information they need to do their jobs - not information we need from them. Please fill out EVERYTHING below for your ST report.

The ST Reports must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

General Information - to be shared with STs and TMs

  • Name of the Chronicle
  • Listing of Staff (HST, Board Rep, other STs, Player Rep). Include email addresses for each staff member, and who your preferred point of contact for your staff is.
  • List PC characters. Include: Character Name, Rank, Breed, Tribe, and Auspice (or equivalents for R/U). Include camp if appropriate. List if Active or Inactive List this in a Google Drive Spreadsheet. The grapevine printout does not contain all of the relevant information. Failure to use a Google Drive Spreadsheet for this will be seen as failure to complete this section of the ST Report.

ST-Relevant information

  • Number of games held since last report?
  • Average attendance (calculated based only on your home player-base)?
  • Detail any plots that directly affect other chronicles, or the org as a whole.
  • Have you been involved in any cross-chronicle plot? With which games? Resolved or Ongoing?
  • List any characters transferred to another Chronicle - Including Character Name, Rank, Breed, Tribe, Auspice, and Chronicle transferred to?
  • Detail any usage of area outside your chronicle’s claimed local area.
  • Summarize the use of any Canon realms, except Tribal Homelands.

TM-Relevant Information

  • Summarize the use of any named characters from the books, Canon locations, or borrowed TMNPCs.
  • Summarize any Tribe-specific plots that are ongoing or have been completed since the last report. This includes plots that may have long-term effects on tribal spirits in your area.
  • Detail anything characters have done in downtimes for tribal concerns. For example: if a character continually sets aside time to “do anything the tribe needs” or is always completing quests for their tribal totem. Might also include renown earnings from tribal-specific doings.
  • Summarize any use of the Tribal Homeland realms.

Optional Information

  • Summarize any major or interesting plot points you wish to share.
  • Are there any specific TMs you have had inadequate communication with?
  • Are there any specific TMs you have had excellent communication with?
  • Anything else we should know?
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