National Storyteller Application

The following is the application for National Storyteller (NST) of TGN. From January 1 through January 7th, the EXO will take applications for the NST and Archivist positions. By January 10th, the EXO will propose to the Board his/her selection for both positions from received applicants, which does not need seconded. The Board will then have one week to discuss the selections before a vote to ratify the choices occurs. The NST, Archivist and EXO must all be from different chronicles at the time of appointment. If the Board does not approve a candidate, the EXO will repeat the process, selecting a second candidate from the applications already received. If no agreeable selection exists, the EXO may reopen application acceptance for no longer than one week.

This application is also available here as an rtf and as a pdf, and also on the National TGN OOC Yahoogroups listserve, in the files section.


for The Garou Nation (TGN) Organization

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Phone Number:

Home Chronicle of your Primary PC:

List all of the current characters you play (full titles) and what games are they based out of:

List any Chronicle or Positions Held (ST, Player Rep, etc.):

1) Briefly list all LARPing ST experience you have, including when, where and any details you feel may be relevant to selecting you for this position?

2) How long have you been playing in TGN, and give a brief assessment of your knowledge about our current shared universe?

3) Share your past experience with running long-term plots and/or plots that crossed over into other chronicles:

4) Tell us about any event games you have ever been on an ST staff for, including where they were, what the major plot was and your feelings about how the event went:

5) What is the largest mistake or failure you have ever had as an ST, and how did you deal with it? What did you learn?

6) What is the greatest success you have had as an ST?

7) Why do you wish to be the National Storyteller for TGN?

8) As the national storyteller of the org, you are committed to attend at least one Major Event game during the year to organize and run this event. What concerns do you have with this?

9) Share a few possible national plot ideas you have, and tell why you feel they are good stories, good for characters and good for the org (understanding none of them may be actually used and that this answer will not be shared with the player base of the org):

10) What types of stories make good National Plots and why?

11) How do you feel you will perform if asked to mediate a dispute between chronicles in the org, in the event the EXO is not able to mediate?

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