Melbourne Mini Event - Survivalist 2

Held in Wyalusing, WI
Hosted by Werewolf: Survival, Melbourne!

  • When: October 8-10, 2010
  • Where:Wickhem Park, Fl
  • Cost: 10 dollars in advance 15 dollars at site

If you would like to pay for the event via paypal the email is moc.loa|666bbig#moc.loa|666bbig

This is a camp out, so you will need tent accommodations, although there are indoor bathrooms and showers. We have some of our best weather of the year in October, so it's a great time for it. We will provide dinner on the 8th and 9th, and there are several stores and restaurants nearby for your other meals.

The Melbourne PCs will be conducting a hive raid at this game. We hope to start early in the evening on Friday. Saturday there will be time for meetings, rp, and smaller scenes, as well as one big one for a select few individuals. If you are interested in attending, please let me know so we can get an idea of a head count, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Brothers and Sisters of the nation, earlier I called for aid in the Sept of the Blazing Sun's upcoming battle against a local hive. You asked for information and my alpha ahroun did as I bade in withholding information. I asked him to do this for two reasons- the first being that I did not want it to be discovered by the said hive how much we know. The second reason was that I wanted a chance to speak with my alpha council to get a clearer image of what we dealt with.

That being said I have discussed with my alpha council, I now will share with those who are coming the details asked for.

The Hive itself was formed from a cruise ship that was gutted to house a thunderwyrm many many many moons ago. This thunderwyrm was dealt with and the refurbished cruise ship that housed it was sunk in the ocean to preserve the veil. Since then the BSD's have moved into this sunken ship and built a Hive over it.

We know that the Hive follows the Wyrm totem Kirijama and at its lowest level there is a portal to Malfeous.

We know that there were at approximately 50 BSD who lived full time in the Hive, with only a handful ever leaving the Hive to venture into the surrounding areas as of March. We also believe that since then they have been recruiting so this number may have gone up.

The Hive has aid in the water and we are currently avoiding planning traveling through the water to breach the Hive. They do have a choke point entry, but we are for obvious reasons trying to avoid that method of entry as well.

If there are any further questions or concerns about this venture from any who are planning or even considering coming to assist my Sept, please feel free to contact me. ((OOC: my email is: moc.oohay|yelnatsassylla#moc.oohay|yelnatsassylla and I am totally willing to do email scenes/communication))

Thank you.

Sierra Songbraider Alpha of the Sept of the Blazing Sun Alpha Galliard of the Sept of the Blazing Sun

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