Application for EXO

The following is the application for Executive Officer (EXO) of TGN. EXO applications are accepted beginning November 1st, and ending November 7 of each year. These are collected and compiled by the current EXO, who posts all applications to the Website and OOC list on November 10th for a one week discussion period. Voting begins November 17th and ends November 24th, with the new EXO taking office on November 25th.

This application is also available here as an rtf and as a pdf, and also on the National TGN OOC Yahoogroups listserve, in the files section.


for The Garou Nation (TGN) Organization

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Your Phone Number:

Home Chronicle of your Primary PC:

List all of the current characters you play (full titles) and what games are they based out of:

Any Chronicle Positions Held (ST, Player Rep, etc.):

1) Briefly list any Previous ST Staff experience in any LARP or Tabletop setting. Also include any general Gaming experience or Administrative experience you possess that you feel would be relevent?

2) How long have you been playing in TGN, and give a brief assessment of your knowledge about our current shared universe?

3) Tell us what you feel are TGN's two greatest strengths as an org, and why:

4) Tell us what you feel are TGN's two greatest weaknesses or issues as an org, why, and how you hope to address them:

5) What Bylaw do you feel is the most important, and explain why you feel that way:

6) Are you available and able to schedule, attend and moderate one evening-time online National ST Meeting each month?:

7) Are you committed to attend at least one Major Event game during the year to organize and moderate an in person National ST Meeting (Traditionally, this occurs at Wyalusing):

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