Remember, OOC City is the city the game is actually played in. IC City is the location the in game events occur in.

Active Chronicles - 8
Chronicle OOC State OOC City IC City, State Sept Name Joined TGN
Chicago: Indian Boundaries IL Chicago Chicago, IL Sept of the Indian Boundaries August, 2011
Depths of Chaos FL Tampa Tampa, FL Sept of the Blood Moon Founding Chronicle
Milwaukee Beasts WI Madison Milwaukee, WI Sept of the Road Less Traveled April, 2012
New Orleans In Rage LA New Orleans New Orleans, LA Sept of the Forgotten Oaks April, 2011
Pittsburgh: Three Rivers in Ancient Turmoil PA Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Sept of Slaked Thirsts June, 2013
Rage Over Mobile LA New Orleans Mobile, AL Sept of Weeping Waters April, 2014
Twin Cities Last Stand MN St. Paul Twin Cities, MN Sept of Hero's Rest Founding Chronicle
Werewolf: Survival FL Melbourne Melbourne/Palm Bay, FL Sept of the Blazing Sun June, 2007
Hiatused Chronicles - 0
Chronicle State OOC City IC City Sept Name
Probationary Chronicles - 0
Chronicle State OOC City IC City Sept Name End of Probationary Status
Past Chronicles - 3
Chronicle State OOC City IC City Sept Name
Harvest Moon Madness IL Mundelein Union, IL Sept of Five Trees January, 2014
Rage Across the Dunes IN Hobart Gary, IN Sept of the Iron Giants Founding Chronicle
Ten Mile Island WI Madison Madison, WI Sept of Nine Springs March, 2010
River City Rage WI Stevens Point DuBay, WI Sept of Brother's Love Founding Chronicle
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