Seattle Emerald City: Rage Enwraps the Sound
Chronicle Seattle Emerald City Rage Enwraps The Sound
OOC Location Shoreline, Washington
IC Location Orcas Island, WA; Seattle, WA
Sept Sept of Enduring Winds
Caern Location Orcas Island
Head Storyteller Jeff Fowler
Assistant Storyteller Cali Crisler and Jason Zack
Game Schedule 2nd and 4th Saturday, Will Accommodate Travelers!
Time Noon - 6pm
Cost Free to Play, though Soda and Snacks are nice to bring

An island Caern under siege, protected by Garou from all over who have answered the call to stand with a few stalwart protectors who have guarded it for so long.

Contact Information


Jeff Fowler - HST

Cali Crisler - AST

To email the full Storyteller staff: moc.liamg|stercesuorag#moc.liamg|stercesuorag

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Site Location and Directions

Jeff Fowler's Backyard
Please email and directions and such can be provided.

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