Rage Across the Dunes
Chronicle Rage Across the Dunes
OOC Location Hobart, IN
IC Location Gary, Indiana
Sept Sept of the Iron Giants
Caern Location Under City Hall in Gary, Indiana
Head Storyteller Erin Keever
Storyteller Britteny Itter, Joel Eastlund, Shawn Yandl
Game Schedule 1st and 3rd Fridays
Time Both Fridays @ 8pm
Cost 5$, First Game Play Free
Website RAtD Wiki

Surrounded on all fronts by humanity in it many forms, the Sept of Wren's Nest works diligently to preserve what Wyld and wilderness that is left. For just beyond its borders lies one of the largest and most dangerous foes the Garou face in the modern world, their own twisted cousins. Learn to respect the Wyld and you might survive. Force it to bend to your will and pay with your life.

Contact Information


Erin Keever - HST

Shawn Yandl - ST

Britteny Itter - ST

Joel Eastlung - ST

To email the full Storyteller staff: moc.spuorgoohay|TS_senud#moc.spuorgoohay|TS_senud

The IC list and OOC list addresses are:

For interacting In Character with other characters from Rage Across the Dunes:

For interacting Out of Character with other players from Rage Across the Dunes:

Site Location and Directions

Hobart Art League
3850 Howard St
Hobart, IN 46342

From the Skyway (90/94):
Going east, continue until the exit onto 65 South. Continue South until the Hwy 6/Ridge Road exit east. Just after getting on 6/Ridge Rd. turn on the first right. Follow til the first stop sign, turn right again. The Art League is a block ahead on your right.


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