Land of the Trembling Stones
Chronicle Okefenokee: Land of Trembling Stones
OOC Location Jacksonville, FL
IC Location NE Florida/ SW Georgia, primarily the Okefenokee Swamp
Sept Sept of Trembling Stones
Caern Location Okefenokee Swamp
Head Storyteller Don Nevison
Assistant Storyteller Kenny Lee
Assistant Storyteller Telka Hartley
Assistant Storyteller Jim Drayton
Player Rep Tim Boyce
Game Schedule Every other Sunday
Time 1:00pm
Cost $1 for supplies

Chronicle focuses on the Okefenokee Swamp and the Sept of the Trembling Stones. The Osceola National Forest is a secondary location that is frequented. Jacksonville, Fargo, Waycross, Brunswick, Valdosta, Folkston, King's Bay and Lake City are all featured sites of the chronicle.
Extensive use is made of the Silver Fang-controlled Tybee Island Caern near Savannah as well as the Shadow Lord-controlled Sept of Southern Winds in Tallahassee.
Occasional use is made of the Gulf Wind Sept out of Panama City, the Glass Walker-controlled CyberMoon Sept out of Atlanta and the distant Fianna-controlled Greenbriar Sept in Virginia.

Contact Information


Don Nevison- HST

Kenny Lee - AST

To email the full Storyteller staff: moc.liamg|sts.uorag.eeko#moc.liamg|sts.uorag.eeko

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Site Location and Directions

San Marco Park
1559 LaSalle
San Marco Historical District of Jacksonville, Florida

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