Werewolf: Survival
Chronicle Werewolf: Survival
OOC Location Melbourne, FL
IC Location Melbourne/Palm Bay
Sept Sept of Blazing Sun
Caern Location +28° 0' 53.20", -80° 51' 14.36"
Head Storyteller Emily DeRoma
Storytellers Frank Casabianca
Game Schedule 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
Time 6:30 for pregame, 7pm -10:30pm
Cost None
Website Werewolf: Survival Website

Game Summary

In the oldest tales the Galliards sing, this Caern was held by the Croatan and was known as the Sept of the Mounds dedicated to Turtle. When the Croatan sacrificed themselves and the Caern of the Sept of the Mounds was left empty, it was renamed as the Sept of the Howling Winds and became multi-tribal.

When their brother Sept, the Sept of Broken Wing’s Promise fell, the survivors fled to their protector Sept and there they made a stand against the forces of the Wyrm.

It is now the Sept of the Blazing Sun and this is the ongoing adventure of those who call it home.


The theme of the game is dark horror. It's a deadly game I run. The game is about survival and you will be put to the test to see if you can survive.

Contact Information


Emily DeRoma - HST
Frank Casabianca - ST

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