Madison 10 Mile Island
Chronicle Madison|Madison 10 mile island
OOC Location [,_Wisconsin]
IC Location [,_Wisconsin]
Sept Sept of the Nine Springs
Caern Location 9 Springs Nature Reserve
Head Storyteller moc.liamg|777leyirdA#senraB arikA
Storytellers Rob Carter, Jason Westrick, Joe Weinberg
Game Schedule 2nd Fridays of every month
Time 6 mumblegamerthirty until midnight mumblegameroclock
Cost $2
Website none yet

Madison 10 mile island is a World of Darkness game (duh) that tries to capture this crazy town we live in (its called Madtown for a reason) the stories are stories of darkness, of horror and hope, and ultimately of the garou struggling to hold 10 square miles of untainted city. Against all threats, including themselves.

Contact Information


Akira Barnes - HST

The IC list and OOC list addresses are:

For interacting In Character with other characters please email Akira! and we will get you set up on the list serv.

Site Location and Directions

TBD. If you want to come to game, feel free to send me an email.

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