Chronicle Gainesville: Death, Endurance, Sacrifice - There Is No Yielding
OOC Location Gainesville, FL
IC Location Gainesville, FL
Sept Sept of Alligator's Honor
Caern Location Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Head Storyteller Cali Crisler
Storytellers Matt Asbell
Game Schedule Every other Sunday
Time 7:30pm-whenever
Cost none
Website Gainesville:DESTINY

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Contact Information


Cali Crisler - HST

Matt Asbell - ST

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Site Location and Directions

Norman Hall courtyard, University of Florida
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Set apart from the rest of the main campus, the Education Library is located just east of 13th street between SW 5th and 8th Ave. Entrance to the Education Library can be found from either the north or south parking lots surrounding Norman Hall. The walkways from both sides lead into the center where the library is located. We play in the courtyard in front of the library

View the campus map below to find access to the Education Library


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