Chicago: Indian Boundaries
Chronicle Chicago Indian Boundaries
OOC Location Indian Boundaries Park field house (basement)
IC Location Indian Boundaries Park
Sept Sept of Lost Promises
Caern Location Indian Boundaries Park - Duck Pond
Head Storyteller P David Gill
Game Schedule Saturday 12-5pm
Cost $2 or $15 for 10 weeks.

This game is an introductory game to teach new players about the Garou Genre. Experienced players are encouraged to attend, but should be prepared to help other players with questions about the game setting and rules. We have access to the entire field house, including costumes and props.

Contact Information


P David Gill - HST

To email the full Storyteller staff: moc.oohay|868ybrad#moc.oohay|868ybrad

The IC list and OOC list addresses are:

For interacting In Character with other characters from Chicago:
moc.spuorgelgoog|uorag-ogacihc#tsil CI ogacihC

For interacting Out of Character with other players from Chicago:
moc.spuorgelgoog|uorag-ogacihc#tsil COO ogacihC

Site Location and Directions

Indian Boundaries Park
2500 W Lunt, Chicago IL 60645. Field House Basement.
Chicago Park District: Indian Boundary Park & Cultural Center


Via Public Transit: The Western Bus 49B is 1 Blk East from the site.

Driving directions: There is a free parking along the side streets and on Lunt.

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