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Chronicle Chaos
OOC Location Bloomington, IN
IC Location Bloomington, IN
Sept <Name of Primary Sept Game Occurs At>
Caern Location <Specific Site of Caern>
Head Storyteller Tony Taboas
Storytellers Randy Duncan
Game Schedule Once a Month

<Brief Summary of Chronicle and Theme>

Contact Information


Tony Taboas - HST

Randy Duncan - ST

To email the full Storyteller staff: <Email for Staff's listserve, or primary Email Address>

The IC list and OOC list addresses are:

For interacting In Character with other characters from <Chronicle Name>:
<Game's IC List Address>

For interacting Out of Character with other players from <Chronicle Name>:
<Game's OOC List Address>

Site Location and Directions

<Name of Game Site>
<Address of Game Site>

<Some Written Directions to Game Site>

<It is recommended you link to a Google or Mapquest map>

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