Held in Chattanooga, TN
Hosted by River Valley Rage, Chattanooga!

The game will begin on Friday, June 25th, with check in and soft RP beginning at 6pm. Saturday, June 26th will be major cool role play! Sunday, June 27th will feature the excitement of cleaning and checking out!

Dinners will be provided by the game both Friday and Saturday nights, and we are less than five minutes from a Super K-Mart and lots of fast food!

Breakfast on Saturday morning is being supplied by a group of our players, and will be an IC "Breakfast with the Alpha" event.

This spectacle will be held at;

Booker T. Washington State Park
5801 Champion Road
Chattanooga , TN 37416

This is a group camping area, which means we will have a cafeteria building, cabins for everyone who comes (6-7 per cabin), our own basketball court and field for football. There are several grills throughout the area, and a fire-pit that may have burning wood in it.


  • $15 per person at the Event.

What the Park has:
*Charcoal Grills
*The Tennessee River (Lake Chickamauga)

What You'll Need:
*Bedding (sheets, pillows, etc.)
*Food and Drink (lunches and breakfasts)
*Bug Spray
*Fan (if you think you’ll need it)
*Scissors (Do not bring Bombs)

Pre-registration will secure you a spot for $15, but is due with character sheets by Monday, June 14th. At the door, the cost will be $20.

Please send pre-reg checks to:

Ryan Faricelli
2236 Teakwood Trail
Cleveland, TN 37323


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