Bylaw Board Votes

The following are all Board votes concerning Bylaws. This includes actual Bylaw revisions (which require a 2/3s majority to pass), exceptions to Bylaws and Preamble to the Bylaw changes.



Aug. 2, 2006

Exception to Bylaw for Tampa

Pass: 4

Fail: 1
Abstain: 0

We have a Player who has requested that her Large PC be retired. She has also requested that she be allow to portray that Large PC's cub Ward as her New PC. She has been switching off portraying this ward as an NPC for close to 3 years (although it is still base points) She is a responsible Roleplayer and former Storyteller in the Dark Eclipse Chronicle. Her Large PC became one with the Kami and is now an ST Controlled NPC. As is our right, I would like to allow her + 25 points for her Large PC Rollover to be added to the base point Cub that served as her Ward. She does NOT wish to portray this character for any negative reason such as revenge. She simply has fun portraying this young character and wishes to continue as a PC.


Oct. 3, 2008

Bylaw 8 Change - Revenge and Singularity

Pass: 8

Fail: 0
Abstain: 0

Bylaw 8 - Revenge and Singularity No player may portray a character who begins play with knowledge of their previous character, or who is seeking retribution for any reason against those responsible for his previous character's demise. In addition, no character in TGN may be a duplicate of another character being played in any other currently running LARP. Finally, players may only have one active character per chronicle, with the exception of chronicles hosting separate games under a single charter, such as a member chronicle fostering relations with a satellite chronicle. In these instances, players are limited to a single active character per game operating under the charter in question.


Feb. 19, 2009

Admin Policy Change - Loosen Stargazer R&U Restrictions

Pass: 2

Fail: 7
Abstain: 1

The Stargazer tribe has been allowed to return to the Garou Nation, having sworn fealty to the Silver Fang King of the Nation Jonas Albrecht. Stargazer characters are still considered to be Rare. It is recommended that chronicles require new Stargazer PC's to take the following Flaw at character creation: Probationary Nation Member (2 points): Until proving his worth to his local sept alpha, the Stargazer is two traits down on all Social challenges with other Garou belonging to the Garou Nation. This does not apply against other Stargazers. Upon proving their worth to their local sept alpha, per the declaration made at the Concolation, the player may buy off the Flaw. Each chronical may have a single stargazer without the approval proccess of bylaw 9. Any further goes by the normal rule restrictions.

Sept. 3, 2009

Bylaw 9 Change

Pass: 7

Fail: 1
Abstain: 1

Bylaw 9 Change - Exceptionally rare PC's, such as Mummies, Abominations, non-Garou Changing Breeds (Nuwisha, Bastet, Corax, etc.), characters with abnormal supernatural powers (such as Numina, Disciplines or things from non-Garou sources) and any Garou not belonging to one of the 12 Tribes of the west, must be announced with a complete character sheet on the Storyteller listserve for discussion two weeks prior to their first appearance in any chronicle. If at the end of the discussion there are no objections, it is free to enter play at the home chronicle's discretion. If there are any objections, the character will be placed up for a vote of approval. NPC's that are Unique, that are rare in the context of the geographic location in which they appear, or are generally accepted as unusual by the ST's of the org as a whole, must also follow this procedure. In addition, the three Lost Tribes are considered extinct. There are no living Bunyip, Croatan, or White Howlers. No more than 10 percent of a chronicle's average attendance for the previous two months' games should be rare creatures. Unique characters, such as named NPC's from White Wolf material, are managed by the appropriate Tribal Moderator.


Jan. 17, 2010

Preamble to Bylaw Change

Pass: 5

Fail: 1
Abstain: 1

These bylaws represent the rules upon which the Garou Nation operates. They are the core of our beliefs and the foundation upon which the organization was created. The spirit of intent of these rules are more than the literal words used, and enforcement of them will be based upon that spirit. There will be no "rules-lawyering" of the words in these bylaws. In the event there is disagreement upon the spirit of these rules, the EXO will make the final ruling.

Jan. 31, 2010

Admin Policy Enforcement - Bylaw Interpretation Change Requirement

TIE BROKE: EXO voted Majority

Majority: 4
2/3: 4
Abstain: 0

Does changing the Preamble to the Bylaw require a 2/3 vote like a Bylaw change, or a simple majority?

July 20, 2010

Bylaw 6 Change

Pass: 11

Fail: 2
Abstain: 0

Bylaw 6 - Experience Only fully approved characters with completed sheets may earn XP. In order to ensure that all characters advance at similar rates, no character may earn more than eight Experience points (XP) of any type per month. Storytellers may award XP for any reason, but the points must be approved in the chronicle the character they are being placed upon is based. XP must remain on the character it was initially assigned to, and may not be shuffled from character to character for any reason. In the event a character dies, retires, or is otherwise rendered unplayable through any means, that character's unspent XP may be rolled over onto the player's next new character at the discretion of the administrating Storytellers for both characters. Storytellers may also award extra XP at character creation for any reason. The total amount of XP granted at character creation, including rollover and Storyteller discretionary awards, may not exceed 25. Note that these are not Character Creation points, they are Experience points.

Oct. 4, 2010

Bylaw R&U Policy Change - Loosen Stargazer R&U Restrictions

Fail: 3

Pass: 6
Abstain: 1

Loosen Stargazer R&U Restrictions: Create another level of R&U and change the rarity rating for some types of PC's. Proposed by Kenosha, seconded by Madison We suggest creating a separate level of R&U, called Uncommon. Uncommon creatures would be Corax, Stargazers and Red Talons. This means one additional Uncommon TM to run them (but that is beneficial to all three, as they currently get lost by sharing TMs with all the other fera or with the Purelanders). Uncommon characters would still be required to submit a completed sheet to the ST list, have a two week discussion for objections, go to vote if objected - just like R&U creatures. However, once approved for play, the first one of each of these three creature types in play do not count against a chronicle's 10% allowance. If a game wanted a second Stargazer, that second character would count towards the 10%. So, for example, a game could have one Stargazer and one Red Talon, and still have 0% R&U. We would have to agree to grandfather in existing PCs as Uncommon, as I know there are chronicles with several Red Talons.
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