Bacchanal - PAST

Held in Tampa, FL
Hosted by Dark Eclipse, Tampa!

  • Where: University of South Florida: Fine Arts building Tampa, FL
  • When: March 6th and 7th , 2009

We will be doing Friday evening and Saturday all day this year.

Check in will be from 6-7pm on Friday: We will have Game-On for soft RP at 7pm and go till 1 AM.
Then we can pick up at noon on Saturday and run until game wrap at midnight. Soft RP can continue afterward.


  • $15 per person at the Event.

Dinner will be provided (pizza, soda, waters) on Saturday night (5-6pm) while at game. Plenty of Restaurants / fast food in the area to eat before arriving on Friday and Saturday.

IC: This year we will be back at the Sept of Silver Tear. The Sept is Dedicated to Mother Falcon and is located on a hidden Island in Tampa Bay. The Alpha is Kyle "Speaks-Softly" Athro Child of Gaia Lupus Theurge.

Please let us know if you are coming down for the event and if you need crash space, or a ride from the airport, we will try to accommodate. I will be reserving a bunch of rooms at a local hotel and paying for them with the collected funds as well. Obviously first come first served, so let us know.

Please have your ST's send down your sheet by March 1st so we can coordinate on our end.

Any questions, please feel free to ask. moc.liamg|cramihtul#moc.liamg|cramihtul, please cc Bastian at moc.liamg|kcirlets#moc.liamg|kcirlets as well.

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