New Chronicle Application

If you are the Head Storyteller of a Werewolf: The Apocalypse LARP, and are interested in joining our collective of games, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact our EXO for more information. If, after speaking with the EXO, you would like to begin your chronicle's application process, the procedure is simple!

First, understand that your chronicle will be joining a shared universe that has existed for many years, and therefore, your chronicle may have to adjust some things to make your game fit within our group. This is usually pretty painless, and the TGN chronicles already in the org will help you with suggestions to make it simple and as unobtrusive as possible. Rarely are any changes substantial enough to affect your chronicle's foundations. They are usually adjustments to make sure your game can integrate with any chronicles that are located geographically close to your location, so it does not seem as if your Sept magically just appeared out of nowhere. This is to your benefit as well, as it helps bring your game immediately into our own shared history.

Please be sure you have read our Bylaws and Administrative Policies before applying. In submitting an application for your chronicle to join TGN, you are agreeing to be bound by those rules while you are a part of our org.

To apply, copy the following application, complete it, and send it by email to the EXO and Archivist.

Contact Information

  • Head Story Teller's Name:
  • HST's E-mail:
  • Assistant Story Teller #1 Name:
  • AST #1 E-mail:
  • Assistant Story Teller #2 Name:
  • AST #2 E-mail:
  • Assistant Story Teller #3 Name:
  • AST #3 E-mail:
  • Which of the above will be the liaison to TGN (Your game’s board representative)?
  • Player Rep Name:
  • Player Rep Email:
  • Narrator #1 Name:
  • Narrator #1 E-mail:
  • Narrator #2 Name:
  • Narrator #2 E-mail:
  • Narrator #3 Name:
  • Narrator #3 E-mail:
  • Desk Monkey:
  • Desk Monkey E-mail:
  • Webmaster Name:
  • Webmaster E-mail:

Tell Us About Your Game

We would like to know the following…

  • Please tell us the name of your chronicle:
  • Please tell us the OOC location as well as the dates and times of your chronicle.
  • Please tell us about the IC setting of your chronicle:
  • Is the in character location different than the out of character location? (For example, are you playing in Los Angeles but the IC location is San Francisco?):
  • Please tell us in detail one plot that your game has run to completion:
  • Information About Your Game
  • How old is your game?: years months
  • Average Number of Players:
  • Number of Characters:
  • Please tell us why your chronicle wants to join The Garou Nation:
  • List Website URL:
  • URL to Game Logo (if applicable):

Sept Leadership

Please list IC names only. Note NPCs.

  • Sept Name:
  • Sept Totem:
  • Sept Alpha:
  • Sept Beta:
  • Alpha Ragabash:
  • Alpha Theurge:
  • Alpha Philodox:
  • Alpha Galliard:
  • Alpha Ahroun:
  • Master of Challenges:
  • Master of Rites:
  • Warder:

PC Breakdown

Number of Player Characters by Auspice

  • Ragabash:
  • Theurge:
  • Philodox:
  • Galliard:
  • Ahroun:
  • Kinfolk:

Number of Player Characters by Tribe

  • Black Furies:
  • Bone Gnawers:
  • Children of Gaia:
  • Fianna:
  • Get of Fenris:
  • Glasswalkers:
  • Red Talons:
  • Shadowlords:
  • Silent Striders:
  • Silver Fangs:
  • Uktena:
  • Wendigo:
  • Cubs:

Number of Player Characters by Breed

  • Homid:
  • Metis:
  • Lupus:

List any Rare and Unusual Characters (PC and NPC):


Please list all unique fetishes, and all fetishes of Rank 4 or higher. For each, provide either book and page reference - or a write-up of the fetish, if unique.

Ranking Garou

Please list names and ranks of all Garou (PC and NPC) at or above the rank of Adren. Note NPCs.

Rare Characters

Please provide Player Name, Backstory, and Character Sheet for all Rare or Unusual PCs (such as Fera, Supernatural Kinfolk, Vampires, Mages, etc.)

Please Fill Out This Streamlined Version of Our ST Report

General Information

  • List PC characters. Include: Character Name, Rank, Breed, Tribe, and Auspice (or equivalents for R/U). Include camp if appropriate. List if Active or Inactive

ST-Relevant information

  • Summarize the use of any Canon realms, except Tribal Homelands. (Within the last six months)

TM-Relevant Information

  • Summarize the use of any named characters from the books, or Canon locations. (Within the last six months)
  • Summarize any Tribe-specific plots that are ongoing or have been completed recently. This includes plots that may have long-term effects on tribal spirits in your area.
  • Summarize any use of the the Tribal Homeland realms. (Within the last six months)

Optional Information

  • Summarize any major or interesting plot points you wish to share.
  • Anything else we should know?
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