2010 Tm Candidates

The following are the candidates for the 2010 Tribal Moderator positions. Voting begins on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Please feel free to ask questions on the TGN IC list, and give your opinions to your ST staff!

Black Fury

Evanne Floyd - Melbourne, FL
Don Nevison - Jacksonville, FL


Brandon Grinslade - Twin Cities, MN
Ryan Faricelli - Chattanooga, TN

Children of Gaia

Chad Horsley - Twin Cities, MN
Roshaun Heslin - Tampa, FL
Kim Smith - Jacksonville, FL


Carie Varner-Faricelli - Chattanooga, TN
Kim Smith - Jacksonville, FL

Get of Fenris

Shane King - Twin Cities, MN
Wayne Warren - Chattanooga, TN


Chris Roberts - Chattanooga, TN
Travis Vaughan - Melbourne, FL
Akira Barnes - Twin Cities, MN


Melissa Grindrod - Brooksville, FL
Michael "Kenny" Lee - Jacksonville, FL
Jack Floyd - Melbourne, FL

Rare and Unusual

Allen Green - Twin Cities, MN
Shane King - Twin Cities, MN


Travis Gibb - Melbourne, FL
Eric Hart - Tampa, FL
Don Nevison - Jacksonville, FL

Silent Striders

Natascha Koeppen - Tampa, FL
Brennan Trevor Blomgren - Twin Cities, MN


Cali Crisler - Seattle, WA
Marc Luthi - Tampa, FL

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