2006 Board Votes

May 31, 2006

New Chronicle - Probationary Admission of St. Petersburg

Pass: 6

Fail: 0
Abstain: 0

Chronicle Application Hidden

Aug. 2, 2006

Exception to Bylaw for Tampa

Pass: 4

Fail: 1
Abstain: 0

We have a Player who has requested that her Large PC be retired. She has also requested that she be allow to portray that Large PC's cub Ward as her New PC. She has been switching off portraying this ward as an NPC for close to 3 years (although it is still base points) She is a responsible Roleplayer and former Storyteller in the Dark Eclipse Chronicle. Her Large PC became one with the Kami and is now an ST Controlled NPC. As is our right, I would like to allow her + 25 points for her Large PC Rollover to be added to the base point Cub that served as her Ward. She does NOT wish to portray this character for any negative reason such as revenge. She simply has fun portraying this young character and wishes to continue as a PC.
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